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Top 10 Things To Buy When You Have A Baby

Jan. 03, 2019


1. Crib

Plus a firm, flat mattress that fits tightly into the crib

Less than 2 fingers should fit between the crib and mattress

2. Stroller

Make sure they have brakes

Mommies love the ones with a removable bassinet

3. Bibs

A baby bib an essential first buy to make sure your babies clothes remain as clean as they can be

More than one – you will need lots of these

4. Burp cloths

Burp cloths for babies are super absorbent and work better than regular clothes

Again – buy more than one

5. Laundry detergent for infants

A gentle detergent is important for an infant’s sensitive skin

hypoallergenic and natural is the best choice

6. Milk storage containers or bags

Great when they can be easily fit and organized into the freezer

Need to have milk ready around the clock, and breastfeeding is not always easy

7. Onesies

All your infant will be wearing!

Get a variety – cute in the day and comfy for sleep

8. Breast pump

Even if you only plan to nurse, a pump will allow you to save milk for later

Breast pumps make life easier for new moms, and can reduce sensitivity

9. Baby monitor

Mommies love the ones with cameras for when you leave the baby with a sitter

Make sure you can always keep an eye on your baby just in case

Surveillance is always fun!

10. Swing or bouncy chair

Imperative to comfort your infant and put them to sleep

Babies need constant rocking to help them fall asleep

Top 10 Things To Buy When You Have A Baby