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What Should I Consider When Buying A Baby Stroller? 2

Feb. 15, 2019


How simple is it to unfold and fold? You will probably be holding infant and his stuff if you want to fold or unfold the Baby Stroller, so simpler is better. Many versions tout a one-hand fold, but try before you purchase -- maybe not all of one-handed folds are as simple as they seem.

How heavy is it? When you’re on the road, lighter is better. But note the details, because some Baby Stroller Manufacturer will call a 25-pound stroller lightweight, while others can weigh a mere 12 pounds. That’s a big difference when you’re carrying baby, diaper bag and stroller up endless staircases or squishing on to the subway.

Do you need more than one? Need an Lightweight Baby Umbrella Stroller for the road but a full-sized model for busy days in the neighborhood? For some families, one stroller just doesn’t cover all the bases, no matter how cleverly designed. If that’s the case, consider splitting your stroller budget rather than investing heavily in one. You might need a basic full-size model for home and a separate umbrella stroller for travel.

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