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Simple Handling Method For Electric Vehicles

Apr. 19, 2019


As a Kids Operate Toy Cars Factory, let's talk about how to repair children's electric car motor (brushed and brushless)

1. If the brush motor uses a universal meter, it proves that the motor is good and bad.

2. Brushless motor eight-line is black red yellow green blue rhubarb big green big blue used to finish the red amount of the motor black line with black pen volume three with small line respectively to prevent the proof between 650-750 motor no problem.

3. Electric vehicle brush motor generally replace the carbon brush before opening. Note that the friction between the changer and the carbon brush is not the same as if the sandpaper friction changer and the carbon brush keep the same distance.

4. Turn on the motor. Pay attention to the motor cable package. Do not rub the wire package to avoid damage to the wire package. Do not use iron to stick the magnetic steel to avoid cracking the magnetic steel.

5. Brushless motor replacement Hall should pay attention to the Hall line connection. For the first time, it is best to get the wire down and weld it to one to avoid the welding. After welding, use 502 to stick it with AB glue. In order to avoid the phenomenon of not strong.

6. Change the magnetic steel and magnetize the steel. Pay attention to the glue on the upper side of the spindle and the magnetic steel. The magnetic steel and the magnetic steel should be sucked in the opposite direction and then stick.

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