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How To Repair Children's Electric Vehicles?

Apr. 17, 2019


There is a problem with children's electric cars. What should we do? These problems are problems that children often encounter when they have children. Therefore, as a Children Electric Car Factory, we will give you a brief introduction to the methods and judgments for repairing the Smart Child Electric Toy Car.

How to repair children's electric car failure?

First, if you encounter an electric car without power, please check the following three points:

1. First check if the battery has an output wire that is open for welding.

2. Then check the fuse and the safety seat.

3. Finally check if the power lock is good or bad.

Smart Child Electric Toy Car

Second, Smart Child Electric Toy Car has electricity but does not go, how to deal with it?

1. Check if the battery output of the electric vehicle is normal. If the output is too low to prove that the battery is broken, the battery should be replaced.

2. Unplug the brake line. If the car turns to prove that the kill is broken, it must be replaced or repaired.

3. Check that the switch is short-circuited with the wire and the signal line, such as the car, is turned to prove that it needs to be replaced or repaired. Turn on the power and turn the handle to use the universal meter and the positive and vertical lines and signal lines have positive 5V <1-4> turn.

4. Whether the controller of Smart Child Electric Toy Car is good or bad can be shorted by the positive 5V of the rotary wire. If the rotary handle rotates, the controller is no problem. The easiest way to smell the controller is to burn the taste. The words prove that the controller is bad.

5. Check if the motor is good or bad. If the motor carbon brush is not in contact with it, it will not cause a bit.