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Precautions for Children's Car Riding

Jun. 29, 2019


Kids Toy Car Manufacturer, to explain to you the precautions for children's car riding.

(A) Loose front fork bowl: Use the adjustable wrench to clamp the 1# bowl of the front fork bowl, and lock it clockwise, but not too tight;

(B) If the front hub is loose or too tight, it will affect the operation and use. When adjusting, loosen the outer nut, and then use the adjustable wrench to loosen or lock the nut on both sides of the hub to make the tightness fit. Place the wheel on the wheel. Center the fork and tighten the outer nut with a spanner wrench.

(C) After the hub is loose or too tight: loosen the nuts on both sides of the outer nut, then gradually remove the bracket, meson, then loosen the nut with a spanner wrench, take out the rear wheel, and loosen or lock the nut on both sides of the hub with a spanner wrench. To make it tight, then install the rear fork, let the Baby Tricycle with Umbrella wheel in the middle of the rear fork, and then use a spanner to lock the nut (note the tightness of the chain).

Baby Tricycle with Umbrella

(D) The loosening of the Tianxin bowl: Loosen the hex nut of the five-way bowl with the adjustable wrench, take out the washer, then use a flat-blade screwdriver to get stuck in the small ditch, and then slowly knock the left-hand bowl of the Tianxin bowl, ( Press the counterclockwise button. When the tightness is appropriate, install the washer and the hex nut and lock with the adjustable wrench.

(E) The chain is detached or over-tightened: loosen the rear wheel nut, hang the chain on the flywheel and the chainring, and then lock.

(F) The seat cushion is not right or left: loosen the seat tube nut, straighten the seat cushion, and then lock it.

(G) Check the tire pressure before riding. If it is not enough, you should pump it in time. Do not overfill for the first time and summer, so as to avoid rupture after sun exposure.

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