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Play Helps Children Learn

Jul. 04, 2019


Love to play is the nature of the baby, but many parents buy a variety of books, report interest classes, press the time of the baby to play, and think that early start, children's academic performance in the future It will be more ideal, but it is not the case. A recent survey in Japan shows that if prematurely forcing preschool children to learn and not letting them playfully, they may not be able to keep up after 9 years of age. Therefore, as a Kids Toy Car Factory, we recommend that moms and dads often play with their children and play some puzzle games, which not only can help children's brains but also help their children's physical fitness.

Children Electric Motorcycle

The main purpose of this survey is "Children's Learning Difficulties and Breakthroughs and Parenting." The researchers collected questionnaires from 1040 parents with children over 10 years old. The results showed that 35.8% of the parents who chose “Yes” on the question of “whether to let preschool children playfully” said that children can break through the study. Difficulties, 23.1% of parents said that the child did not break through the learning difficulties. On the issues of whether to "play with children every day", "show pictures to children, tell stories", the ratio of the two types of parents is also quite large. In general, the behavior of one type of parent tends to give the child the dominance of play, while the other type of parent cares about the child's play. The analysis data shows that after the children of the latter are enrolled, it is more likely to be unable to keep up with the problem at the age of 9 years.

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