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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Riding A Bicycle?

Jun. 11, 2019


As a Baby Stroller Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations for kids to ride:

Helmets are important: Choose a suitable helmet for your child, the size and size should be appropriate. When he is put on, the helmet does not turn to the front or side as the head turns. When choosing, let him try on it. The right helmet should be able to reach only one finger between the child's chin and the ties.

Check the vehicle: Every month, you should check the handlebars and axles routinely, and listen to the sound of the wheels when the brakes are tightened.

Riding Baby Tricycle With Umbrella is a good way for young children to exercise. Proper and scientific exercise can promote the development of bones and muscles in young children. However, because the growth and development of young children are not fully perfect, parents should pay special attention not to let the child be injured in cycling. Parents should check Baby Tricycle With Umbrella for damage before each child rides to avoid accidents.

Baby Tricycle With Umbrella