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How Do I Make Sure My Baby Stroller Is Safe?

Mar. 15, 2019


When it comes to hitting the pavement with baby, safety comes first. Almost all Baby Stroller models these days meet basic safety standards, but there are a few of a few safety features to consider when you're stroller purchasing.

Look for a five-point safety harness. Five-point harnesses are relatively standard these days, but some Lightweight Baby Umbrella Stroller may skimp with a three-point harness. Test the snaps to make sure they’re secure and easy to buckle (and not too easy to unbuckle, at least for baby!).

Baby Stroller

Put on the brakes — literally. Be sure to test how easy the brakes are to use — and how easy they are to trip, too. Do you find yourself hitting the brakes of your Kids Easy Stroller when you don’t intend to? Do the brakes offer a secure stop? Can you easily disengage the brakes when you’re ready to roll on?