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How To Choose Baby Electric Motorcycle?

Apr. 11, 2019


As a Baby Electric Motorcycle Factory, let's talk about how to buy a Baby Electric Motorcycle.

Mainly from the car body, motherboard, drive, tires and other features to choose:

1. Car body:

1) Material safety: In order to ensure material safety, try to choose a big brand.

2) Aesthetics: This depends on the budget. Everyone wants the baby's stroller to be beautiful, eye-catching, and high-returning. Now it's better to paint the body.

3) Spacious: spacious body and good ride experience.

4) Seat belt: The model I bought has 2 sets of seat belts, one set is a five-point seat belt, and one set is a belt-type seat belt with a waist.

5) Others: putter, handle, trunk, independent light switch, the more additional functions, the better, but to consider the total weight, these baby strollers have the lightest 10 kg, the more functions, the heavier, so we must study carefully For the parameters, if it is a lady, it is best to choose a model with a putter or handle.

Baby Electric Motorcycle

2. Driver:

Choose a double-drive, if the price, weight and appearance are decent, there are four-wheel drive to choose four-wheel drive. If it is a silent ball motor, it is even better. If the gears inside the gearbox are metal, they are more wear resistant. (The plastic in the gearbox is also a very high-strength plastic, but it is not resistant to high temperatures. If the gear is replaced with metal, some may burn the motor, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.)

3. Tires:

If Baby Electric Motorcycle

If you have a pneumatic tire or a solid soft tire, do not choose a plastic hollow tire.

4. Subsidiary unit:

Baby Electric Motorcycle currently on the market.

The music control supports TF card, MP3, USB and other playback media, and the functions are similar. It is best to have separate switches for the lights, but it does not affect the power and does not consume much power.