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How to Choose A Baby Stroller to Make Your Baby Safe and Comfortable?

Jul. 13, 2019


What are the types of strollers? As a Kids Electric Motorcycle Supplier, we think it's best to pick the right one for your baby.

Is the stroller light or comfortable?

1. A-type stroller

The baby can lie flat in the car, even if the baby is asleep, don't worry. Because the wheels are large, the bumps on the ground are less bumpy, and the baby feels safe when sitting. If the direction of the handle is switchable, you can also look at your baby's face for a walk. But this kind of car is heavy and it takes up a lot of space.

2. B-type stroller

The car is compact and lightweight, with simple handle control and easy cornering. You can shuttle back and forth between shops with narrow passages or crowded places. After the close, even if it is not occupied in the tram, it can be placed in the trunk of the car, and it will come in handy when it is far away. Compared to the A-type car, the seat is slightly narrower and the adjustable angle is smaller.

China Kids Easy Stroller

China Kids Easy Stroller

Is China Kids Easy Stroller good for three rounds or four rounds?

1. Three rounds

The three-wheeled baby stroller has a larger interior space, a more flexible steering, and easier handling. The three-wheeled baby strollers are mostly pneumatic tires, so the performance of the suspension is very prominent.

2. Four rounds

The interior space of the four-wheeled stroller is relatively small, and the steering is not as flexible as the three rounds, but the four wheels are more stable than the three rounds. Generally, the rear wheel is a pneumatic tire, and the front wheel is more of a rubber non-pneumatic tire.

Four-wheeled Stroller

Four-wheeled Stroller