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Children's Tricycle Purchase Guide

Jul. 16, 2019


1. Be sure to choose a professional Children Tricycle Supplier product, so that quality and safety are guaranteed;

2. The height of the tricycle can be placed on the ground after the child is seated on the seat. The legs can be extended to the front of the car.

3. The handlebars should not be far from the seat, nor should they be too low to prevent the child from riding on the upper body and kneeling on the handlebars, affecting the development of the child's spine;

4. The seat must be comfortable, breathable and soft, preferably a round seat to prevent the child's buttocks from being hurt by sweating;

5. A bell can be installed on the Baby Tricycle with Umbrella to let the child learn to press the bell to alert others when riding, safely avoiding;

Baby Tricycle with Umbrella

Baby Tricycle with Umbrella

6. Don't choose a handlebar with a lot of decoration, it is easy to cause the child to distract, not paying attention to the front but looking down at the handlebar, which is very unsafe;

7. Of course, the components of the tricycle must be installed firmly, and there must be no looseness anywhere;

8. It is best to choose some tricycles with parental handles, such as our Baby Tricycle with Push Handle, which also locks the tricycle's parts, so it is not easy to slide down the slope when the child is riding;

Baby Tricycle with Push Handle

Baby Tricycle with Push Handle

9. See what material the Baby Tricycle with Umbrella tires are made of. Rubber tires are better than plastic tires. The foot mounted under the seat is better than the front wheel because the child can step on the pedal directly;

10. It is best to adjust the height of the handlebars and the seat so that the ride can take longer as the child grows taller.

11. The distance from the saddle of the children's tricycle to the front wheel is called C' (this is just a size). Generally, its size determines which age group the car is suitable for. For example, a 2-year-old tricycle is shorter, and a 4-year-old tricycle has a longer C'.